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JHF Mastermind J08J.JPG
JHF Mastermind j08J
Homozygous Polled
Reg.# ​​44273732

Semen:  $40/straw

Sire:  Masterplan

MGS:  Blueprint

BD:  3/4/21

BW:  86

Adj. WW:  883

Adj. YW:  1374

His first calves are impressive and exceed our expectations!  Mastermind ranks in the top 25% of the breed for 11 EPD traits.  Average BW of 85 lbs. on 21 progeny.

Blue Crush J909_09-05-22.jpg

Mastermind was the first calf from Blue Crush, a featured donor dam that is building a legacy in our program. Her bold markings, dark color, feminity, complete structural correctness and tremendous milk flow set her apart. She just doesn't miss.

Masterplan x Blue Crush J909 _edited.jpg

A full sister to Mastermind and the top indexing heifer in the 2022 calf crop. We have high expectations for this female and is projected to be a future donor candidate. B.W. 85; Adj. W.W. 729

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